Final artwork for F11, for KDE Spin, deadline final freeze

Rex Dieter rdieter at
Fri Apr 10 15:53:55 UTC 2009

Jaroslav Reznik wrote:

> As we are running out of time, I'd like to see if there's a progress with
> current artwork
> We appreciate your hard work but we really need it ASAP to work on it...

Here's the deal for the KDE Spin:  unless there's some usable/final artwork
available by the final freeze (04-14), we'll have to take matters into our
own hands, and do our own thing (likely continue to use solar), but I'd
rather not do that if possible.

For posterity, let me suggest that distro artwork follow something close to
the feature process or string freeze.  Maybe that's what was supposed to
happen here this time, and just didn't happen for various reasons.

-- Rex

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