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Re: New Concept for F11 King

Máirín Duffy wrote:
From: Charlie Brej


4 without a doubt although it still needs more work. The others are too noisy for a boot screen.

I'm also going for 4, it would be easier to make a GRUB splash matching. And when the boot process end and GDM kick is, the lion will just pop-up over the already existing background, for a good effect, methinks.

I agree with Martin that there should only be one progress bar, along the bottom. I think maybe using the fedora logo centered without the infinity bubble, only the logotype, might work better with the mood too. (background is heavily/grungy textured while the infinty bubble is very shiny/baubly and they kind of clash)

Yup, one progress bar and maybe larger. I think it would be tiresome (and redundant) to watch two bars progressing at the same time.

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