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Bill DeJohn a écrit :
| Questionnaire.....
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| Tell us about Fedora.
Fedora is all participation from contributors, creating projects that 
will benefit to Free and Open Source community
and innovations. It is about blending both commercial and community into 
one to provide an operating system which is
both cutter edge and stable.

| Give us some history on each art team member. Anyone have formal 
training? Who or what influenced you to get involved?
I have recently completed training in Graphic Design. I started to get 
involved as self-taught designer where I worked on some icons like 
echo-icon-theme and wallpaper. Due to school, I mostly gave feedback and 
suggestion until recently.

| What other Linux distros have you done work for? Any independent Linux 
groups you've contributed artwork to?
Only Fedora and its sub-projects..

| Can you take us through the process from development to finalization 
of artwork for a new release of Fedora? Does the general community 
contribute also?
Nicu has addressed that question.
| What are your favorite Linux graphics software programs?
Inkscape which I found far better than Adobe Illustrator product,
Gimp because it provides features not found on Adobe Photoshop like 
Smart Sharper and less RAM hungry,
Scribus with is colour circle
Blender for being light in space and freely available so designers can 
easily grasp 3D concept
| Any thoughts on ease of use or what you'd like to see changed in Linux 
graphics software?
Gimp, support of group layers, CMYK process once GEGL will mature, 
non-destructive method support
Inkscape, better input from stylus, better support for file conversion 
from Adobe Illustrator file
Scribus, better import/edit/export PDF support, InDesign file, and 
better layout.
| As operating systems evolve so does their artwork. What direction or 
development would you like to see with your work pertaining to the 
future of Fedora?
More active participations within and outside the team. The latter is 
important because there are potential designers are
shy to express due to language barrier. In a case of echo-icon-theme, 
having feedback and beter documentation are crucial. It is a challenge 
to work on tremendous project but it can be done.
| There are a lot of new distros popping up, seemingly every day.  Any 
advice you can give them on the graphics art side of it?
Nicu provided a good summary.

| If someone wanted to get involved with Fedora artwork, where would 
they go?
In addition of joining Artwork mail-list, look for task to do on
and wait for review.
| Anything else you'd like to add?
Not at all.

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