New Concept for F11 King

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Wed Apr 1 10:23:47 UTC 2009

Hi all

This is the corrected version, I've left on this only one group of birds 'cause I think they give some light and a good design element to the image.
I don't change the source on the wiki 'cause I've only turned off the layers visibility of the other elements.


This is my proposal for the Splash of this release, onestly I don't think mixing Lion with the greek style is so in line, 'cause they are 2 different themes, but this only my idea, so let the team decide what is best.

In the afternoon I will post something for the Plymouth screen.

About the dual display I will make some test and then upload it, let me try something.

Ciao and I wait for your feedbacks

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Jaroslav Reznik wrote:
> On Wednesday 01 April 2009 00:01:40 Charlie Brej wrote:
>> Máirín Duffy wrote:
>>> Also, some of our splash ideas
>>> (
>>> png for example, with the Greek pattern) could be adapted to use the lion
>>> instead, so we would still be able to take advantage of that work.
>> I made a couple plymouth options that combine the greek pattern with the
>> theme. There are 4 levels of complexity. Which one do people think is best?
> Personally I vote for 4th Lion. I like 3rd too but black spots look weird. 
> Maybe without lines layer a black spot it will be better, now it's too 
> complicated for splash/KDM background. I can image transition from this 
> background to desktop wallpaper with lion. But there's still one issue - once 
> I use this as KDM/KSplash, we need more backgrounds distributed (maybe one 
> resolution is enough for such simple background even I don't have to deal with 
> wide/normal version)...
> Could you publish it somewhere?
> And as Martin pointed out - only one progress bar and match it's color with 
> background.
> Thanks all involved for this wonderful work!
> Jaroslav  
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So when you have a dual display setup, the right screen will have the lion and 
the left screen will have just the background (lion4 style). If you have 
separate desktops you will end up with two lions so it would make sense to 
distribute the background image for people's second screen. It would be a 
reasonable background for people who are afraid of the lion as well. It is just 
a case of making the background simmetrical so it aligns left and right and 
duplicating it for the dual screen images, and distributing both the plain and 
lion versions. The plain versions would only need to be single screen versions.

Do we have space for both?

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