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Wed Apr 1 12:31:51 UTC 2009

Aloha!!!! sorry the late reply

Hello to you, I'm María Gracia Leandro but all the members know me as
tatica. I'm a fedora ambassador from Venezuela and part of my work is
to convert cute things into functional things. I'm working right now
in several projects in Venezuela, LatinAmerica and some International
Stuff, you can read a resume here [0]... now the questionnaire.

> Questionnaire.....
> Tell us about Fedora.

Fedora for me is a great collaborative network who support a learning
and development group of interested people and a huge platform to take
a chance of software freedom. We are an example of professionalism and
friendship because we have a clearly and organized group of work
(developers, artist, press, sponsors and lot more) but we are also a
family. It's usual to se an IRC channel talking about the new
wallpaper and also see some guys talking about their weekends. We
offer an awesome Software but also a great mentored and helpful group.
We are fedora

> Give us some history on each art team member. Anyone have formal training?
> Who or what influenced you to get involved?

This is crazy... I got involved into the free software art looking
videos on youtube of privative tools.... I lean all by myself, reading
guides, looking videos, downloading artwork and asking a lot. Fedora
came to me when I most need it. I'm not a pro user, but I love to
desing... so fedora is a really stable an always first with software
issues. I always have the newest and the stable on my fedora desktop
(and now laptop :D )

> What other Linux distros have you done work for? Any independent Linux
> groups you've contributed artwork to?
Always... I use fedora because I love it, and I spead the "fedora
word" but I don't get too much pression on my new users to be a
"fedora one". I always tell to them that they should use GN/Linux or
*nix based because is good for them. They will be able to learn, share
and use things that possibly they were afraid or they think that those
are tool for "professionals".

I help with a lot of communities... some are:

Venezuela: Fedora-Venezuela, Ubuntu-Venezuela, Gentoo-Venezuela,
UNEFA-Lug, Bolivar-LUG, nelug, velug, and the main organization of
Venezuela FLISoL (LatinAmerican Festival of feee software instalation
[1] )

International: Gimp-Spanish, Inkscape-Spanish, Blender-Spanish, Also
I'm on the translation team for synfig and support some cliparts for
several applications.

I ussualy help with some conferences like: Flisol, CNSL (National
Congress of Free Software), SLUD (Universidad Distrital Linux Week)
and more...

And lot of more things :D

> Can you take us through the process from development to finalization of
> artwork for a new release of Fedora? Does the general community contribute
> also?
Yes. I have never been involved directly on the release artwork, but I
do help with some issues. A final artwork is not just a cute wallpaper
and some icons and windows... You need banners (in a lot of
languages), need news, posters, spins covers and lot of stuff. We all
give something to the project... and that's the idea of being a

> What are your favorite Linux graphics software programs?
jooo... this is a hard one. Should be Gimp, Inkscape and Blender....
but I also like MakeHuman, SweetHome and synfig... It depends of the

> Any thoughts on ease of use or what you'd like to see changed in Linux
> graphics software?
This is not a dream... it's happening. Al the changes I'd like to see
are getting in progress because I'm not just a user. in fact, I'm not
a "really" designer, I'm a programmer... so if I want to see something
better on X application I program or ask the community to do it. They
are also a community like the fedora one, and they take suggestions
and advices... so the thing is not thing on changes... is made them.

> As operating systems evolve so does their artwork. What direction or
> development would you like to see with your work pertaining to the future of
> Fedora?
Is the same question. We are working on have something that our users
love. We have a lot of new ideas in progress and if anyone wants to
say something to the artwork team is invited to colaborate... In any
language!!!!! :D

> There are a lot of new distros popping up, seemingly every day.  Any advice
> you can give them on the graphics art side of it?
Always think in the simplicity and joy... Almost all users want a cool
and easy distro, and that what they should have.

> If someone wanted to get involved with Fedora artwork, where would they go?
To the fedora project main site!!!! we have a great website and a lot
of local communities to help and mentor anyone who wants to get
involved... [2]

> Anything else you'd like to add?
We are free to choose distros... we are free to ask changes... we are
free to collaborate with code and art... we are in a new free world
and fedora have the tools to make it happen... so, what are you
waiting for?


Thanks a lot for this "Questionnaire" and you are invite too to send
us some artwork :P

(btw... nicu, mola, mo.... please correct my orthography... I use the
dictionary but.... xD )

Maria Gracia Leandro
LinuxUser= 440285
GPG Public Key: E1CDCC56
"Be yourself... Don't be anyone else"

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