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Re: F11 wood wallpaper

Máirín Duffy wrote:

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From: Thomas Kole <dilophodd gmail com>

I think, personally, the wallpaper would look a lot nicer without the Fedora
logo. It looks like something I might like to use as my own wallpaper, actually, if it didn't have the logo superimposed on it. :) I like how the wood gives the wallpaper a natural feel and how the lighting suggests a stage. Did you use a texture/pattern to create it?
It may be interesting to have the texture at a certain angle, not strictly
No sorry, it wont look good with that too.
But if you want to try,
Ill upload the .xcf to my website.
Link comes soon.

What do you man? It wouldn't look good at an angle? Or it wouldn't look good without the Fedora logo?

Was wondering about the answer to my question about if you used a texture/pattern to create it. It seems you missed it?


I mean when it has an angle.
Yeah, it was made with a pattern and i made it myself.
Of course.

Thomas Kole

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