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Re: Fedora Mascot

wonderer wrote:
Hy there,
A mascot would be brand diluting at this point, so my inclination is
against having one.
Not even a cuddly-wuddly Fedora ferret, with a first name starting
with an F?  Nicu could draw him in various costumes, little tshirts,
or mittens in the winter.
Max, I did not know what drugs you are consuming right now, but ...
could you send me some boxes of them ;-)
Anyway, I also did not think we need such thing. Ok, it would be nice to
see max, paul, etc. in some cute animal costumes ... on the other hand,
NO! Please pull out this stupid crazy thoughts out of my head. Give me
some more chocolate-beer to forget these... :)
I think the Linux community has enough pet-based Distros. Let us be a
bit more innovative and stay serious... or just try :)
Faithfully submitted,
Max Spevack

Ex-FPL and Level 50 Troll

Ok, I will think about some PR lines about THAT ...

mit freundlichen Gr��en / best regards
Henrik Heigl - wonderer fedoraproject org

Fedora-art-list mailing list
Fedora-art-list redhat com

I stand by my claim that Max and Paul in cheerleader outfits would be ideal for a mascot.......

wait, nevermind, I forgot they are just the fedora art team's biggest fans.


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