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F11 Art Schedule


Back in January I met with Mairin and others at FUDCon to plot the art schedule for Fedora 11. As a casual reader of the list I know some things are still in flux and have changed and in some ways that is expected and good. It seems that because the wallpaper was in beta you received feedback in time to change course. Maybe we should build a feedback period into the Fedora 12 schedule?

We've learned in past releases that it helps to keep track of how things go (in reality) compared to the estimated schedule so that the estimated schedule for the next release is more realistic and achievable.

With that in mind, looking at the splash screen tasks listed in the link below I thought it would be a good idea to record what their completion dates were ore when you estimate they will be complete:
(task numbers 10 to 21)

It is also important to note that we are targeting the completion of final artwork and packaging a little less than two weeks from now on 2009-04-16 so that it can all be in the Preview Release and have two weeks to shake out anything that needs final fixing before GA.


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