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Re: correct wallpaper format

On Sat, 2009-04-04 at 09:14 -0700, brian hurren wrote:
> Just trying to create some star-field wallpapers for the fedora
> astronomy spin. Just want to now what is the correct wallpaper
> format? 
I don't know which Desktop Environment is the Astronomy Spin using, but
unless you are planning on making an animated wallpaper (like the time
of day changes in F10 Desktop Spin Wallpaper) just plain png or jpeg is
fine. Standard ratios are 4:3 (highest resolution with this ratio we
support in Fedora 10 wallpapers is 2048x1536) and 16:10 (highest used
resolution we support is 1920x1200) plus the weird 5:4 for 1280x1024 and
I don't recall the exact resolution/ratios for EeePC, but I think it was
non-standard as well.

GNOME in addition supports defining the wallpaper via XML file which
lets you support all size ratios you want in one file and also lets you
create simple animations.

Hope this answers your question :)


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