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Re: Fedora Mascot

Ashiqur Rahman Angel wrote:
2009/4/2 Paul W. Frields
    A mascot would be brand diluting at this point, so my inclination is
    against having one.

I disagree with you.. most cases our brand is symbolized with our logo & our Trademark name.. mascot is just for familiarizing our product line...

Angel, all the Mascot effort happened back when the fedora logo was restricted for use and part of it took place when it was also ugly (before we had the "infinity bubble").

These days I still have to receive the complaints about the T-shirts of the characters used in my comic...

We can have different icon for each of our product line or we can have different mascot for our product line...

More than one mascot? That's overkill.

Brand is something else it can not be disillusioned by mascot....

While I think the impact of a mascot on the branding would not be so damaging, I consider our previous effort about mascots a failure, people didn't want them.

No wonder people don't know much about our Fedora code Name while everyone you ask knows the Code name of Ubuntu even better... (like jaunty hardy gutsy etc...), believe it or not, it´s true. Because, Ubuntu make the Code name their mascot.

People know a little about the Fedora code name because we have not pushed it, until a few years ago it was kind of an Easter-egg, known only by a few. Ubuntu have to push code names because their numbering scheme is rather unusual (9.04???)

However, I'm sure large part of "Fedora Community" people will think of these as threat to our brand Name Fedora.

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