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Mon Apr 6 18:21:39 UTC 2009

Hi everyone,

I've followed closely the discussions about the new graphical elements for
the upcoming Leonidas release and I have noticed that you regret a lack of
feedback from the users. So, I have asked my fellow french friends from the
fedora-fr forum what they think about the different propositions ... and
they answered me...

What has been highlighted (I hope that my poor english will stay
understandable for everyone, sorry for the awful mistakes) :

- The trend is : people tend to prefer the lion, but think that the first
thing they will do is to change the background.

- About the lion : 3 people out of 15 found it nice, but mostly found it
inappropriate for an 'official' distro wallpaper. A lot of people clearly
disliked it because the 'lion' figure has been overused in the popular
culture (movies, cars, food). "baroque" has been used to describe the

- About the landscape : the technical graphic aspects aside, those who have
expressed something about it found the idea ok but not that original and too
much Windows XP-like. To say that differently, it doesn't convey a strong
concept, something that can 'catch' an user.

- A lot of people have expressed  a strong adhesion to the F7 and F10 themes
and suggest to do something like F7 but maybe with a ship to illustrate the
idea "go forward" in the same way the balloons of the F7 did for "reach
higher"    (mmmh... am i _really- clear ?). The boat was cited by 7 people.

To sum up, the Lion Idea was judged too exuberant but can be acceptable with
a reduced and much more stylised lion head. If you replace the lion by a
boat, you reach a relative consensus among french users. Themes for F7 and
F10 are seen as the best.

You can follow the discussion (google translated,) here :

I hope you will find this helpful. Of course, it is just the opinion of a
few french fedora users.

David Leray
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