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Re: Artwork feedback

Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:

Thank yo David for French Fedora user feedback. They are actually useful critics as I have consulted them about Fedora 10 theme. If they are other Fedora contributors that can provide feedback from non-English speaking users (Mola, Martin, Nicu and others?), that will be really appreciated because it should cultural factors can be into play.

I didn't run a pool or forum thread on our local language website, I only have impressions from the IRC channel. I hear complaints about the landscape photoshoping(gimping), is too obvious the different pieces were taken from various sources and put together. I also saw the opinion it looks like an image from the game Age of the Empires 1. But usually when seeing the change to the Lion, they usually shut up and are happy.

But I take those with a grain of salt, people like a lot the F7 "Flying High", which I consider bad.

IMO, the most insightful opinion I saw about the Greek landscape came on #fedora-art from Diego, a Brazilian guy living these days in Greece and working on Transifex: "but in Greece they almost don't have grass, so the green part of the bg was a bit out of context" and that was a big "Duh!" for me, since I was one wanting for more and more green.

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