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Re: idea for Fedora boot screen

On 04/09/2009 09:09 PM, William Jon McCann wrote:
  My view is that the current trend of highly decorative and themed
boot splashes is an artifact of our failure to improve boot times.  We
should be designing for the case where boot is fairly quick and the
boot screens are merely a brief transition to GDM (only necessary
since it will be longer than 2 seconds even in the best case).  Having
it be a distinct and highly decorative stage in the boot process
detracts from the overall experience from power-on to desktop.

I disagree and the reason is also the transition to GMD. To have it smooth I believe it make a lot of sense to have a similar level of decoration in Plymouth and GDM, have the transition from one to another be just a matter of fade out/fade in for some elements (progress bar/login window).

Also, moving away from a traditional progress bar is a good thing, in
my opinion.  For what its worth, Windows 7 seems to be headed in this
direction as well:

Does Windows 7 change the screen mode from the boot progress to the login screen to the desktop?

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