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Re: Leonidas backgrounds

Hi Martin,

----- Original Message ----
> From: Martin Sourada <martin sourada gmail com>

> Now, a few notes for Samuele and whomever directly working on the
> backgrounds:
>       * we need these sizes for dual screens: 4096x1536, 3840x1200,
>         2560x1024, I suppose the non-dual versions are simply crops of
>         these. For the time being I've done some resizes/crops with the
>         biggest version you provided [2]. Preferably in sanely
>         compressed jpeg (try to get as small size as you can without
>         visibly affecting the image quality, I've used 93 quality in
>         gimp, but I don't have very good display so we might actually
>         need higher values)

Ian put these together:


>       * we need simplified version for KDM, probably in 2048x1536.
>         Jaroslav, can you confirm the size? We need this one to be in
>         PNG.
>       * can any of you list the CC attributions in a sane format for me
>         to put it into the package? Would be good to have it both for
>         the landscape and lion wallpapers.

I listed this out in a recent email in the schedule thread.



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