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Re: Fedora 11 countdown banner (artwork team release)

On 04/13/2009 12:22 AM, MANNY HIDALBEMA wrote:
Ok, i'm gonna try again rigth now....
My best regards...

Ups, there seems to be a human mistake on my part: I usually sent an introductory message to all who apply for membership explaining the rules and it seems somehow I missed you, sorry.

You don't need to be approved in the FAS to be a member of the team, all the "Action" is taking place on the mailing list. Membership in the FAS can be gained after you produce at least one work.

2009/4/11, Máirín Duffy<mairin linuxgrrl com>:
Hi Manny,

----- Original Message ----
From: MANNY HIDALBEMA<bm90fox gmail com>
Ok, Thanks for your answer.  I was looking the Background King
4070x1536, simply amazing...
I really would like to work whit the art group... maybe next time... I
applyed but I not approved yet...
The art group in FAS is an invite-only group. You should only apply to that
group if you've gone through the steps on the artwork team wiki page, here:


That's probably why your application was not approved. Try following the
steps and apply again when you finish the first set of steps.

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