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Re: Wallpaper Extras - was: Re: F11 Art Schedule

On Mon, 2009-04-13 at 08:07 -0700, John Poelstra wrote:
> For a really solid release with some time to fix things that need 
> fixing.... everything really needs to be completed and packaged by the 
> end of this week.
> The final development freeze is tomorrow and the preview release gets 
> spun up next week for release on 2009-04-28.  If you get everything into 
> the Preview Release you have the best shot at getting more feedback and 
> time to fix it before the final release.
> John
Since these would actually be add-on packages (and not available on any
released media) and containing only content, I think it does not need
wide testing (just making sure the wallpapers actually appear in the
Appearances capplet and are working on common displays is fine). I think
it's really up to Mo and to whoever going to package them (probably me)
how much soon she would like to have it in.

My idea is to have them available in F11 and sort out any issues
(uploading new wallpapers, packaging, updating, ...) during the F12
development cycle and do some advertising when all major issues are
resolved. I especially think the current process of uploading new
wallpapers is suboptimal and the page with them is not very well-known


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