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Re: Should generic-logos' system-logo-white.png be a smiling hot dog with arms and legs?

While I don't have a solution to offer, let me just say that this bug report synopsis really made my day. :) Even though I was previously unaware of this "easter egg" and have no vested interest in its retention, I may have to get t-shirts made that say "Save the Fedora hot dog!"


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Subject: Should generic-logos' system-logo-white.png be a smiling hot dog with arms and legs?

I recently noticed that the system-logo-white.png file in
generic-logos is (imo) a quite weird and unprofessional-looking
smiling hot dog with arms and legs. It is shown in the middle of the
screen when booting the system on a machine where KMS works. I'd
rather have something more neutral and Fedora-ish in the default boot
screen, but I must replace fedora-logos with generic-logos on my
custom spins of Fedora. Therefore, I filed a bug about it here:


I already got one reply from Bill Nottingham, who noted that the
generic logos were supposed to be replaced by the creators of the
custom spins. He also noted that this is the first bug about the file,
and replacing the image may be considered, if there is more pressure
to do so.

I think the current image may well have stayed under the radar due to
the rarity of people replacing fedora-logos with generic-logos. Until
now, it has also been quite rare to have KMS enabled, but F11 is going
to greatly increase the visibility of the hot dog logo on systems with

Note that I'm not creating my own distribution, so creating my own
logo packages and repos for them is quite an overkill. I'd just like
to share some custom Fedora spins with my friends and not have to show
them an annoying and cheesy smiling hot dog right on boot.

Do the people here think that the hot dog logo is good as it is, or
should it maybe be changed to something more usual and maybe less
annoying? I'd see no logo (a completely transparent png) a lot better
than the current situation.

I hope I didn't offend anyone with my dislike for the current picture.
Thanks for reading this, hope to hear some other opinions on this.

Joonas Sarajärvi
muepsj gmail com

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