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Re: Improving Leonidas Backgrounds

Martin Sourada wrote:

> Hmm... I can add that, but given that today is the final freeze (not
> sure when exactly and whether any build I would have done today would
> make it in) and this would not end up on the release CD/DVDs either, I
> doubt I could ask for a freeze break just to add one subpackage (with
> the wallpapers with lion on single screens as well). I think I have only
> these two options:
> 1. wait if we are gonna do some further bugfixes to the artwork and add
> them with it, or
> 2. make this a zero day update (note it would mean about 8MiB of updates
> for _every_ user of leonidas-backgrounds, unless F11 would be Presto
> enabled)
> Any better insights, suggestions, ideas?

Add a sub package and ask rel-eng for a exception to the freeze. The
point of the freeze is to avoid destabilization. A artwork subpackage is
 not going to hurt anybody at all.


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