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Re: 4Flags (from DesignService)

On 04/23/2009 03:41 PM, Israel Rodríguez wrote:

I designed a mock-up for this request
What should I do? Only link there (as I did)?

Link here is useful so we can give some feedback, but is important also to have an answer from the requester. Wait for a while and if he do not follow you proposal, you can try to contact him directly.

Now as my personal opinion about your graphics, overall I like them but I have a few observation:
- are there sources available?
- the text is a bit thicker. the ideal size is not trivial to get, but not that hard either: use a normal (not bold) version of MgOpen-Modata and add a stroke; - you used the lion from the release counter banner: that lion is in turn based on a photo with a CC-BY license, you have to follow the license and credit the photographer; - I see you modified a bit the colors for the 4 bubbles and replaced them with gradients, not sure if we want to go with this slight variation, but yours definitely is "more shiny"

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