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Re: 4Flags (from DesignService)

Hi Israel!

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> From: Israel Rodríguez <israeldep gmail com>
> To: Fedora Art List <fedora-art-list redhat com>
> Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2009 9:14:58 AM
> Subject: Re: 4Flags (from DesignService)
> OK, I contacted with the requester and he liked this. About your
> observation:
> - Yes, are available, then I link it.
> - ok
> - Yes I used the same photo, then I write it credits (the requester ask
> me if I can do some variations with the lions, to use this in next
> releases, and I will do it.
> - If Art team want it, I delete the gradients (or I make them smoother)

Thanks for the work! I have some feedback for you, I hope it's helpful:

- The general layout is great, simple and clean, and you've positioned the elements very well in relationship to each other. These flags will definitely make an impact!
- Where are your sources? We need the sources to be posted to the wiki so others can participate. (If there were sources posted I could have quickly mocked up some ideas for improvement to give to you)
- The gradients and drop shadows don't really match a lot of our artwork so I would recommend pulling them out. It also looks like the colors of the four icons have been modified. I would stick with the original colors in the file you got them from - I think either Ian Weller or Clint Savage put together a list of color standards for these so you might want to check with them to make sure you're using the right color ocdes.
- You're using MG Open Modata, which is perfect, but you're using the bold variant. We typically only use the regular version of this font (the bold version is kind of goofy-looking.) Can you try with the regular version?
- The black of the lion seems a little less than ideal compared bright / tropical almost coloring of the four foundations artwork. Can you try a variant with a white lion? It might make the flag brighter and go together a bit better.
- These kinds of banners are quite expensive to print, you may want to consider a design that is not F11 specific so that they can be reused (more ecological too!)

Thanks again for your work, it is great!



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