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Re: Different Wacom question

Hello Paul,

I have a Bamboo FUN (isn't proffesional but works well and the size is perfect for me (A5) but in my case, in Fedora doesn't works (in other linux it does) but I know some people who have other models and works fine. Isn't too expensive (but neither is upmarket)

I'm sure that reading the documentation in http://linuxwacom.sourceforge.net you can activate it (my english level make too dificult for me :D)

Surely, other people on the team could help you better than me ;)


2009/4/24 Paul Frields <stickster gmail com>
A previous thread reminded me to bring this up.

I want to buy a drawing tablet, preferably something very well
supported in Fedora and using USB.  I'm assuming Wacom is the way to
go, but I'm not sure which model to get, and I'm open minded as long
as I know it's solid and works well with Fedora.  I don't want to
spend a fortune, but it's OK if something goes into low three-digits
(USD $), let's say US $250 or less.  What does the Artwork team


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