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Re: Different Wacom question

Hi Paul,
> Is the only difference between the small Wacom Bamboo and the small
> Bamboo Fun (both about 6 x 4") the extra proprietary software packages
> that come with the Fun?  

Yes, software is the only difference (ArtRage, is entertaining, but not
proffesional and Photoshop Elements is only a propietary software you
can get using the GIMP and f-spot togheter). If you will use it as a
replace of mouse, I recomend you the small bamboo. But if you will use
it for design, Bamboo Fun (medium) will be better (but it's only a size
issue) if you want to be more confortable drawing.

Just my opinion, more questions? :)


> Thank you again, Artwork team, for
> entertaining my slightly OT questions. :-)
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