Help out with the f11 wallpaper?

Máirín Duffy mairin at
Mon Feb 23 21:41:07 UTC 2009

Hey folks,

So the clock is ticking and we don't have much time to make F11 beta. I would like to try to take the wallpaper base artwork that I put together [1] and add some elements to it to match Luya's sketch [2]. (Although I'm not 100% sure the vase in the composition will work but we can certainly try it.) Since there's not so much time, I was wondering if folks would be willing to help out with this. We need some good, clear, high-resolution, and openly-licensed [3] source photos for this composition. Here's what we need:

A) Greek columns, high-res, including either the top or bottom of the pillar, straight-on / dead-on perspective, no angles.

B) A photo of a lake or body of water, with as clean a horizon as possible (eg., if there's only sky above the water, perfect, or a flat color above the water ,perfect. If there's a lot of different colors above the water's surface like trees etc, it will be too hard to work with.) The photo should be mostly water. E.g., something like: (NOTE: this one isn't the right license so we can't use it)

C) A Spartan boat (see Luya's picture for the type), preferably shot from above so the camera is looking down on the boat

D) Clouds - a nice clean shot of some dramatic clouds

E) Olive trees, a full tree without much noise behind the branches and leaves so it can be cut out cleanly. Flat/level perspective preferred, but a from below perspective or from above perspective could be useful too.

F) Vase (see Luya's sketch)

For each photo you find,  write down:

1) the URL you got it at
2) what license it is under
3) the author of the photo
4) if the photo isn't up somewhere online (eg from your personal or a friend's collection), upload it to the wiki and provide that url.

Thanks in advance to any of y'all who are interested in helping out :) For an extra incentive, I'll ship out a packet of Fedora stickers and some other goodies to the person who sends in the greatest number high-quality and usable photos.


[3] *MUST* be one of these licenses or public domain


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