Help out with the f11 wallpaper? AND a short hello to everyone!

Justus krzzzt at
Thu Feb 26 14:48:04 UTC 2009

Hey, i just searched through my photos and found some pieces of work
that could be useful. Most of them are those "dramatic skies" you were
looking for. License.txt -file is also packed in, for further questions
or so just mail me.

You can find the file on my webspace - ca. 19 MB compressed folder.

Now the thing i should have said a week before i guess...

Hello, i'm Justus Holzberger from Germany. I'm a happy
Fedora-user and want to share my talents with the fedora-project.
I do photography and work also with Blender and Gimp - even want to
study arts, so i think i should just fit fine into the artwork-team of
fedora. For my Portfolio take a look at and fon't forget to look into the
scrapbook - i'm one of the rare people who use it.
I'm glad to help if i can!


> Hey folks,
> So the clock is ticking and we don't have much time to make F11 beta.
> I would like to try to take the wallpaper base artwork that I put
> together [1] and add some elements to it to match Luya's sketch [2].
> (Although I'm not 100% sure the vase in the composition will work but
> we can certainly try it.) Since there's not so much time, I was
> wondering if folks would be willing to help out with this. We need
> some good, clear, high-resolution, and openly-licensed [3] source
> photos for this composition. Here's what we need:
> A) Greek columns, high-res, including either the top or bottom of the
> pillar, straight-on / dead-on perspective, no angles.
> B) A photo of a lake or body of water, with as clean a horizon as
> possible (eg., if there's only sky above the water, perfect, or a
> flat color above the water ,perfect. If there's a lot of different
> colors above the water's surface like trees etc, it will be too hard
> to work with.) The photo should be mostly water. E.g., something
> like: (NOTE: this one
> isn't the right license so we can't use it)
> C) A Spartan boat (see Luya's picture for the type), preferably shot
> from above so the camera is looking down on the boat
> D) Clouds - a nice clean shot of some dramatic clouds
> E) Olive trees, a full tree without much noise behind the branches
> and leaves so it can be cut out cleanly. Flat/level perspective
> preferred, but a from below perspective or from above perspective
> could be useful too.
> F) Vase (see Luya's sketch)
> For each photo you find,  write down:
> 1) the URL you got it at
> 2) what license it is under
> 3) the author of the photo
> 4) if the photo isn't up somewhere online (eg from your personal or a
> friend's collection), upload it to the wiki and provide that url.
> Thanks in advance to any of y'all who are interested in helping
> out :) For an extra incentive, I'll ship out a packet of Fedora
> stickers and some other goodies to the person who sends in the
> greatest number high-quality and usable photos.
> ~m
> [1]
> [2] [3]
> *MUST* be
> one of these licenses or public domain
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