Art ideas for Fedora 11 (grub, boot, splashes, window decorations, button styles etc...)

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Mon Jan 12 09:15:01 UTC 2009

Máirí­n Duffy wrote:
> Nased on Leonidas we could do something related to water or something 
> kind of nautical.

Technically the vote was for the ship but I am sure (and the reaction 
after the announcement are a reassurance) most people voted for the Spartan.

So I am thinking about the Golden ratio[1], used a loot in the Ancient 
Greek architecture, notably on the Parthenon and probably a graphic 
based on the Golden ratio would be fit.

Not sure what would be the best option, but how about a nautilus 
blueprint? This way we have a link with Greece (golden ratio), water 
(nautilus) and steampunk (blueprint). And maybe throw in some 
mathematical formulas for additional geekiness.

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