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Karsten Wade kwade at
Wed Jan 14 22:28:17 UTC 2009

We are looking for a team of people who want to deploy and maintain a
new CMS for Fedora Docs.  It may become the CMS that runs all of that is not a wiki.[0]

Which CMS?  There's the fun part.  You pick your favorite.

Best is if you are already passionate about a particular CMS solution.
You need to be willing to:

  * Deploy the installation to Fedora Infrastructure

  * Maintain it as part of the Infrastructure and Websites teams[1]

  * Have experience with the CMS to be able to expand it to meet
    Fedora's needs[2], preferably as part of the upstream

  * Be willing to package whatever is needed for Doc's CMS instance
    that isn't already in Fedora

  * Work as part of a team of three or more fellow Fedorans[3]

Skills include web systems administration, design (graphics, CSS)
and/or coding (PHP, Python, Java, etc.) in the particular CMS
solution, and perhaps some understanding of content management.

For more information:

(Separate copies sent to fedora-art-list, fedora-devel-list, and
fedora-list; separate discussion threads for each location is

Thanks - Karsten

[0] We are not replacing the wiki.  The wiki serves a different
    purpose than a full CMS.  The CMS would cover <10% of Fedora
    content, such as:



[3] We don't want to overburden one individual; we need to avoid
    having one person be a single point of failure.  In addition, it
    would be good if no more than one of the people on the team is
    already busy with work from Infrastructure.  The goal is to
    increase the pool of people, not divide it further.

Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Community Gardener
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