Fedora 11 Alpha - release banner

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at nicubunu.ro
Fri Jan 16 14:51:35 UTC 2009

Sorry for the broken thread, my internet connection was a mess for the 
last couple of days, so I am replying as I can.

Paolo Leoni wrote:
 > Hi there,
 > we are almost near to F11 alpha release, so I propose to you some
 > candidates for the alpha release banner.

Goo think you took the initiative for this, the alpha release is comming 
and we were unprepared.

 > Since we are still in a initial session for the official F11 theme,
 > I've used a simple image to point the birth of a new fedora version.
 > http://pleoni.altervista.org/fedora11-banner-alpha5.png
 > http://pleoni.altervista.org/fedora11-banner-alpha5.svg
 > http://pleoni.altervista.org/fedora11-banner-alpha6.png
 > http://pleoni.altervista.org/fedora11-banner-alpha6.svg

I like better the first version (alpha5), since the other one has the 
shadow for the release number, "11", in a weird direction, not aligned 
with the light source (setting sun).

I think is OK to go with a "neutral" theme like this, since it is too 
early and we don't have anything palpable form what will be the theme 
used for the release. The beta banner most likely will borrow from the 
theme development.

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