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Re: F11 visual concept idea - greek

Hi all

I work on the Acient Greek theme for this Fedora's release I think is the best one.
Mo I'd like your idea to create a collage from different landscape or other image.
For this theme I try to work on the Spartan "Leonidas" idea, I work on the Acient Helm so we don't have discussion on violence or other not connected idea.
I started looking some inspiration photos on flickr 



then I draw my own.
Let me suggest to you guys my idea and let me know your guess and your suggestions.
Maybe someone could help me to find some more dettailed photos of the helm?

Hi Again

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Subject: Re: F11 visual concept idea - greek

Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Máirí­n Duffy (duffy fedoraproject org) said: 
>>> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Image:Artwork_F11-thermopylae-greek-mockup.jpg 
>>> Maybe too detailed, but I just want to point out the main concept, which
>>> is the combination of ancient Greece and nature (water, mountains with a
>>> lot of green).
>> Hey thanks Konstantinos (and everyone else)! I'll try to make the image  
>> more alive and green like your mockup!
> I like the idea. A question - is it possible/should we look for a full
> photo (appropriately licensed) that can be used?

Certainly possible :) It might be hard to find one with all the elements 
we want though, which is why I think photomanip will be a good route.


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