Help out with the f11 wallpaper?

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Hi All
I've uploaded a new proposal for the Greek theme on the wiki

The Ideas behind this mockup are:

1) a connection between past (helmet, Shield & Spear) and a connection with our time or the future made by the transistors on the back.
2) The Spear is rotated and take the position of the 11 o clock as the release number
3) The basic RED of the Spartan color now turned in to a Fedora Blu, you can see it in the helmet & in the triangle of the shield.
I need some help for the background, my purpose it's to reproduce an Hi-tech BG with some transistor and a Printed circuit board can someone help me?


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Hi all,
I work on greek-concept and you can see my ouyput here :

total 15 pictures ( 13 picture is new work ) 


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