Help out with the f11 wallpaper?

Camilo Mesias camilo at
Mon Mar 2 13:21:57 UTC 2009


a bit late perhaps but I thought of something that may make an
interesting background - since you mentioned photographic landscape. I
saw an article on tilt-shift photography, where special lenses are
used to modify perspective and depth-of-field giving an uncanny model
photography effect. This effect can also be faked in CGI rendering.

Here's the article,

There are several sports stadiums (I imagined an amphitheatre) also
some Italian landscapes bearing some similarity to the nearby Greek. I
thought the large expanses of blurred areas created by the effect
would be a good non-distracting background for icons.

As to getting any usable images - I can't help but I thought it might
inspire someone more artistically inclined :)


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