New and experimental Inkscape build

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Fri Mar 6 12:16:22 UTC 2009

Probably you saw a few days ago when Lubomir blogged  about the Inkscape 
development snapshot landing in Rawhide:

He also has something tasty for us, those who are still on F10, a 
special build, interesting to see what's new in Inkscape land and also 
help with the QA (I have a feeling Inkscape 0.47 will not be released in 
due time for F11, so if the development snapshot tested by *us* will 
prove good enough, we may have that):

Warning: that is a build that may eat babies and kick cats... however, 
it installed on my system and I don't have anything major to complain 
after 20 minutes of working with it.

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