FUDCon Berlin 2009

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at nicubunu.ro
Mon Mar 23 17:14:01 UTC 2009

Max Spevack wrote:
> What we're interested in now is:
>  * a t-shirt for FUDCon Berlin, carrying on with the theme that was used 
> for FUDCon Boston, but maybe with a new "tag cloud"

I guess we will take use of the tool made by Charlie, Mo should know 
better about the Boston t-shirts

>  * a one-page ad, for use in a magazine, or for pasting in different 
> locations.

With German text? then we will need some help from a German speaker and 
lay the ad starting from that text.

>  * any F11-specific artwork, that we could make into a nice poster, when 
> it's ready.
>  * any generally useful Fedora banners that people might want to make, 
> that we can use to adorn the hall (we will have an entire building to 
> ourselves for FUDCon), so let's go crazy and showcase all sorts of 

Without worrying about the cost of printing this stuff?

> stuff, especially since Mo will be in attendance (and I hope Nicu will 
> also), and probably doing some talks about Fedora Art.

Bad Mo! I heard before some rumours about her coming to Berlin, but she 
is not listed on the wiki... I intent to be there too, but is still early.

> I'd love to use FUDCon Berlin to really show off the coolness of the 
> Fedora Art team, and to provide our EMEA crew with some reusable 
> resources for future FUDCons in the region, as well as some stuff that 
> we can use for the F11 release, and then auction off or something :)

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