New Concept for F11 King

Justus krzzzt at
Fri Mar 27 12:16:53 UTC 2009

Simply WOW!
I also like the idea of a lion or something that has more to do with the word "Leonidas" than with ancient greek culture.
Nice work!
I'd only change the colors of the lion towards...more blue for fedora? i don't really know, but at this point it looks a little bit too dirty i think. Not like a desktop background that is more static and calm...
And also the birds shouldn't be there for my taste - or at least have another color.
What about making the Lions hair less detailed, change his color a little bit, erase those birds...and for the background maybe we'll find some more greek things?
On the other hand those lines make it more like Leonidas in the 21st ceentury - adding a more modern touch to it (don't forgert: these are nerdy times with a lot of technology.)

Justus <krzzzt at>

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