New Concept for F11 King

Máirín Duffy mairin at
Fri Mar 27 14:39:41 UTC 2009

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> From: Máirín Duffy <mairin at>
> - None of the source images that you used are referenced. Can you please provide 
> references for your source images before uploading artwork to the wiki?

Oh, I found the references, sorry for that. 

The lion picture has a clause that I just want to double check is okay:

"Please note that my pictures are under the Creative Commons license.
You are free to use them in any commercial or non-commercial
application, but please send me a message if you used or plan on using
any of my pictures, especially for commercial purposes. Thanks in

If he *requires* notice of commercial usage, it may pose a problem for Fedora resellers, I'll discuss this with Fedora legal to make sure and perhaps we can talk to the photographer and get his okay if it would be an issue.

The rust texture doesn't have an explicit license. I can try to contact Jeff to see if he can commit to a specific CC-based license that's acceptable for Fedora:

Same problem with the spray brushes. The license isn't explicit. "Free" can mean a lot of things and not all of them involve the kind of free we need, unfortunately. I can try to contact them as well.

In the future, it would save a lot of work and heartache to make sure we use work that has explicitly approved licenses. When someone says something like, "hey guys here u go it's free have it!" it unfortunately does not count as an explicit license in our pre-approved list, so we have to go to Fedora legal on a case-by-case basis and many times contact the authors themselves (who are not always responsive or even reachable) to clarify the situation.



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