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On Fri, Mar 27, 2009 at 07:39:41AM -0700, Máirín Duffy wrote:
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> > From: Máirín Duffy <mairin at>
> > - None of the source images that you used are referenced. Can you
> > please provide references for your source images before uploading
> > artwork to the wiki?
> Oh, I found the references, sorry for that. 
> The lion picture has a clause that I just want to double check is
> okay:
> "Please note that my pictures are under the Creative Commons
> license.  You are free to use them in any commercial or
> non-commercial application, but please send me a message if you used
> or plan on using any of my pictures, especially for commercial
> purposes. Thanks in advance."
> If he *requires* notice of commercial usage, it may pose a problem
> for Fedora resellers, I'll discuss this with Fedora legal to make
> sure and perhaps we can talk to the photographer and get his okay if
> it would be an issue.

The way this license reads, the author is asking (note "please") for a
contact, but it's not required as it would be had he used the wording
"but you must send me a message...".  This doesn't conflict with his
clear statement that the recipient is free to use the picture in any

> The rust texture doesn't have an explicit license. I can try to
> contact Jeff to see if he can commit to a specific CC-based license
> that's acceptable for Fedora:
> Same problem with the spray brushes. The license isn't
> explicit. "Free" can mean a lot of things and not all of them
> involve the kind of free we need, unfortunately. I can try to
> contact them as well.

The licensing statements for the freebies on the site are kept here:

You Can:

    * Use the resources in your personal work, in whole or part.
    * Use the resources in your commercial work, in whole or part.
    * Modify the work to your personal preference.
    * Share the resources with others, under the following terms:
          o Link to the resource webpage, not the download file.
          o Use an excerpt from the webpage if necessary (don’t copy
    * the full article and display it on your site)

You Can Not:

    * You can NOT sell the resources directly for profit (eg. Selling
      the items on stock resource websites)
    * You can NOT copy the full webpage and display it on your own
      website. (Use an excerpt by all means, but please link to the
      original resource download page – not the actual file.)

The part that bothers me about these licensing texts is the statement
of terms for sharing: it is unclear about whether you *must* link to
his resource web page.  It would be much better for the author to use
a standard license such as CC-BY-SA or some other more appropriate
license, not something he's written himself.

> In the future, it would save a lot of work and heartache to make
> sure we use work that has explicitly approved licenses. When someone
> says something like, "hey guys here u go it's free have it!" it
> unfortunately does not count as an explicit license in our
> pre-approved list, so we have to go to Fedora legal on a
> case-by-case basis and many times contact the authors themselves
> (who are not always responsive or even reachable) to clarify the
> situation.

+1.  Especially when there is not much in the way of time or resources
free, having to do all this is a real drag, and gets in the way of
creating and promoting beautiful art and design.

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