New Concept for F11 King

Charlie Brej fedora-art at
Tue Mar 31 14:58:36 UTC 2009

Máirín Duffy wrote:
> Hi Samuele,
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>> From: Samuele Storari <sstorari at>
>> I can produce all the materials to fit the "Leonidas Lion Theme" in the 
>> scheduling for the final release, so we can bring all inside, at least as an 
>> alternative theme, I don't propose nothing for the landscape 'cause after a lot 
>> of test I really don't like my works 'cause it was so difficult for me working 
>> on that subject.
>> Maybe this week I will provide you all we need for the graphic's pack, if 
>> someone want to collaborate with me please contact me.
> I would love to collaborate with you on this!
> Are there any brushes or images pending that are not licensed yet? I would be happy to try to find openly licensed ones or make replacements.
> I also think we can use the Greek pattern splash designs we came up with the lion, see [1,2]. What do you think about this idea? The sources for it should be in that directory.
> Is there anything else I can help with?
> ~m

I think the one major thing we need to do is to make it two desktop compatible. 
The problem is if we clip the top and bottom to make the dual wide version it 
chops the top and bottom of the lion. Also the lion's face occupies the entire 
left screen. I extended the image by resizing and reflecting the a couple layers 
[1] so it is 5120x1536. This should a reasonable point that we can generate all 
desired resolutions from. I'm just making a script which will automatically 
generate them all from the one image.

For now I hid the circles as they want to be on the left edge and that varies by 
size. I can put them back using the script or we can remove them as people 
complain they get in the way of the icons.

Still need to extend the lines in layers Like1 and Line2. and possibly add some 
more texture to the left screen.

I'll have a look at using the image and adding the Greek style progress bar in 


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