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Art team feature


  My name is Bill DeJohn ( Dadster ).  I am co-founder of Linux Graphics Users forum.  We have a monthly article where we feature a distros art team.  http://linuxgraphicsusers.com/index.php?board=48.0

  Fedora is one of the leading Linux distros and I would like consent to feature Fedora's art team in the upcoming month.  I have a questionnaire that enables an interview format which I have included with this email.  Everyone on your team should be involved in answering the questions. All I ask is it be organized so I can give credit by name to all members who participate.  

  I will include screenshots. If you have a preference please attach with the completed questionnaire.  

  I would appreciate if someone could respond by email to let me know if you need more info or we can go ahead with the feature.

  Thank You,  Bill


Tell us about Fedora.

Give us some history on each art team member. Anyone have formal training? Who or what influenced you to get involved?

What other Linux distros have you done work for? Any independent Linux groups you've contributed artwork to?

Can you take us through the process from development to finalization of artwork for a new release of Fedora? Does the general community contribute also?

What are your favorite Linux graphics software programs?

Any thoughts on ease of use or what you'd like to see changed in Linux graphics software?

As operating systems evolve so does their artwork. What direction or development would you like to see with your work pertaining to the future of Fedora?

There are a lot of new distros popping up, seemingly every day.  Any advice you can give them on the graphics art side of it?

If someone wanted to get involved with Fedora artwork, where would they go?

Anything else you'd like to add?

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