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Wed May 6 23:50:02 UTC 2009

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> From: Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira <rodrigopadula at projetofedora.org>

> We need to change, of corse, but we need to improve, to grow up.

Yes, that's the point.

> Release by release the artwork team has done this job better and better.
> IMHO the Fedora 11 artwork, codename and slogan isn't going in the same
> way. All decisions was very confuse and troubled.

How are we doing better and better if our decisions are confused and troubled? Also, how have our decisions not been confused and troubled all along? Seriously?

> > Ultimately, as the team lead of the art team, I am responsible for when these 
> decisions have to be made. 
> > I am the person who has to stay up all night and work to make
> deadlines, giving up my free time up to get things done when it isn't
> getting done.
> > This is a role I truly do not enjoy, as it seems that the artwork is
> ALWAYS controversial, release after release.
> > There is no way to satisfy everyone with the artwork.
> > When one person is happy, there are 5 others who are upset about it.
> >Change things to make those 5 people happy,then there are 20 more who
> are unhappy
> Your arguments confirm my arguments. If we have troubles and
> controversies release by release, the process is not good enough and we
> need to improve.
> I'm working in the Fedora Project since 2005 as contributor
> (translation, documentation, free media, events, support, infra, fedora
> latam, fedora education and others projects) and some decisions makes
> our job more hard, I know!

I think we are all completely open to suggestions. Do you have ideas on how to improve? Are you willing to put in the time, effort, and commitment needed to sell those ideas and make them happen?

> Good, but, we have millions of users. Using a open process (voting
> system) we can take the feedback/opinions from a large community and not
> from 15 people only.

I don't really think a voting system is a good solution. Just in our little team we had problems with the abuse of the account system. How are we going to police that Fedora-wide? 

Every release art team members poll folks in IRC, on planet.fedora, in Fedora forums to get our users' feedback. I do not understand why this isn't sufficient. It's not sufficient because it doesn't agree with YOUR personal opinion? We need a vote because the way things ended up wasn't to YOUR personal tastes?

> 99% of our users use icons/files/folders only in the left side of the
> Desktop.(Warren, please move your icons to the left side of the screen
> :-) ). We could change the lion colors, brightness, we dont need to
> remove the Lion.

Sometimes moving icons is not a choice. Right now I have over 100 files on my desktop. That is how I work. I am not going to change the way I interact fundamentally with my desktop to accomodate a wallpaper design. I will simply use a different wallpaper and be annoyed at having to do so.
> Using this blue lion variation
> http://mola.fedorapeople.org/gimp/mairin/change_to_blue_006-1.jpg the
> Warren's icons can stay in the right site of the screnn and we can have

We will NOT use a wallpaper with a picture of me on it. That's not even funny.
> We have time to do it ?

Have you looked at the Fedora schedule at all?
> >> If this process is open, clear and etc why these members, member of this
> >> list don't knew about this decision ?
> > If they were following the list, they would have as documented above. If 
> Samuele, Maria, and Jayme have issues I would rather hear from them directly 
> than second hand, okay? I saw Samuele's message about the changes and after the 
> discussion that had ensured I had thought the confusion had been cleared up. I 
> have not heard from either Maria or Jayme about their concerns as of yet so that 
> is news to me.
> >> For me this decision impacts all users/contributors/ambassadors, but the
> >> decision isn't clear and isn't open!
> > 
> > You tell me how it isn't open after reading the threads above.
> Isn't open enough! We need to ask and invite users, contributors and
> ambassadors to vote.

Did you actually read the threads above?

Are you volunteering to "ask and invite users, contributors, and ambassadors to vote" ? Were you aware that we regularly poll users in a variety of forums already? Would you like to help us do more for F12?
> >> Samule saved us again, this time from a Windows XP Like wallpaper, but,
> >> unfortunately the beautiful wallpaper was ripped!
> >>
> >> Our artwork team is great and is doing a GREAT JOB, but, we need to
> >> improve the decision process.
> > 
> > If anyone would like to step up as art team leader, please let me know, as I 
> no longer wish to hold the position.
> > 
> You are a great designer and is doing a great job with your team!
> Don't take it personal. The problem isn't with you, is with the process!

I'm not taking anything personally. I don't want the drama anymore. I'm happy contributing artwork and I am not happy dealing with threads like this. I'd rather go for a walk outside.



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