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On 05/07/2009 12:26 AM, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> If anyone would like to step up as art team leader, please let me know, as I no longer wish to hold the position.

Mo, I understand why you feel like this at times, but honestly I don't 
know anyone who would be able to assume this position and also be 
recognized as such *inside* or *outside* of the team.

So please, have a walk in the park, have some fun time and maybe you 
will find enough new energy.

As I said before I didn't agree with the decision the take off the lion but it's only my personal idea, I received an explanation why it was taken away, it don't sounds good for me but I don't want to make an argument so I bear with it.

As for the wallpaper problem, here is my proposed solution, hope the 
schedule still allow it: include the right screen (the lion head) in the 
default package, so those wanting it don't have to download additional 
stuff, have only to click on "Change Desktop Background" (as we had with 
the temple image).

+1 I think this solution will works! Great idea, so users can just "click and change".

Afte that I think mo your doing a great job managing the art team, and please don't take my words as an attempt to make a new-useless arguments.
And thanks a lot Rodrigo for defend my concept as a piece of you, I really appreciate it, but you know as Rolling Stone sings: "You can't always get what you want...", next time maybe we can try to work and say our objection in the right time and in the right place as the "team" decided it.


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