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Re: Banner ideas

On 05/04/2009 06:40 PM, María Leandro wrote:
Hello all.


I was working on some ideas for a banner that we want to use on fisl
9.0 ( FUDcon Latam ) but I know that I have some mistakes with the
logo guidance and the tm background. But I think is a cool idea :)

It is a banner? Seeing the image size I thought it is a poster...

Some brainstorm?

NOTE: The banner is on spanish and has the proyectofedora url (Latam website)

But you keep them as text, so is easy to translate, good thing. For bonus points (easier translation), you can also align the text to the center, so even a monkey can translate :D


source svg: (please use mgopen fonts)

Ket me start by saying I *love* the concept, I find the four bubbles (4 F) at a certain perspective just awesome. There are still a few problems: - the white band around the logo is a breakage logo usage guidelines, which is a shame, as this way it fir the 4 elements below;
- the TM near the logo is badly placed;
- the bold variant of the MgOpen Modata used for the URL at the bottom is not that pleasant, it would be better (IMO) with thicker letters;
- I would like the design just a bit less centered.

Here is my remix based on your graphics:

Note: I know it can be improved further, the top-right corner has to much empty space.

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