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Re: Banner ideas

On 05/05/2009 03:19 PM, Jayme Ayres wrote:
2009/5/5 Nicu Buculei
    As a minor observation, you forgot one TM near the bubble logo -

Sorry (IMO) about TM, is really necessary? :)
I know it is a guidelines, but I think now that there is a TM in type,
it is really necessary to put in another TM bubble?

I am not a trademark expert, but I expect so: all the official versions of the logo have the TM sign in both places. But maybe we will have some more insightful input from Mo or Paul.

On the order of the words I understand the concern, but understands that
when words are translated the size of each of them then tried to
equalize changes significantly as the size of each building in the
correct order, to strike a balance and a degree. See the imbalance there
is in the correct order of the words:

I have the same problem in my own language:
PRIETENIE (or rarely used AMICIȚIE)

... awfully close, right?

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