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Leonidas - Lion for single screens

Hi all,

'thanks' to me catching flu and having to spend whole days in bed, I
decided I'd use some of that spare time on adding the lion images for
single screens. I've just built the updated lion-backgrounds package. If
as many people as possible could test it before Monday it would be great
(I'll blog about it as well to get more attention). This is needed
because I'd like it to be tagged for release (so that people won't have
to d/l MBs of data just because we added some images) - and that means I
need to request freeze break and given the time, I'll need to be very
much sure that it does not break anything anywhere.

Note, it won't be probably installed by default, especially on Live
Spins where each MiB of free space makes difference...

Now, how can you test it. The packages in questions are:

      * leonidas-backgrounds, leonidas-backgrounds-common and
        leonidas-backgrounds-lion-dual for the default design
      * leonidas-backgrounds-lion and leonidas-backgrounds-lion-dual for
        the lion on single screens
      * leonidas-backgrounds-landscape for the Beta wallpapers

and you can get them from koji [1].


[1] http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=101491

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