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Re: FYI: Personalization in Windows 7

On Thu, 2009-05-14 at 12:50 +0300, Nicu Buculei wrote:
> I think this is the whole point of personalization: don't care about all 
> users, make easy the personalization tor each user.
That probably a good point...

> > needs to be copied to some directory that is readable by all users and
> > we don't like to mess up with the dirs that are usually handled by
> I like a lot how the default wallpapers are set now in the distro: check 
> a box and input a password.
I don't know how this works, only that it works for the wallpapers I
have installed, but they are all system ones. If you have wallpaper
image in your $HOME then it probably needs to be copied over
to /usr/share/backgrounds or somewhere before it can be made default.

> Do you currently wave a wallpaper installed from rpm? Mine is a JPEG 
> somewhere in my homedir and it survived a clean install of F11 Beta.
I do... Actually I use the default wallpapers because I like them. In
past I've used various custom images though, but somehow the default
ones have won (I think since about the time community took over the
release artwork I have been using the default wallpapers almost


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