[fedora-astronomy] Fedora Astronomy SIG Meeting log 28-12-2007

Marek Mahut mmahut at fedoraproject.org
Fri Dec 28 15:06:33 UTC 2007

Fedora Astronomy SIG Meeting 28-12-2007

- Introductions of members and short introduction of the project itself.
(Prepare few lines of text to introduce yourself).
- Packages. Who can help?
- Should we use a specific artwork for the spin? Or only a wallpaper?
- Scheduling the spin building
- Free discussion, mind storming

Next meeting
Friday, January 11, 2008 at 14:00:00 UTC

Meeting log
14:41      marek   hey, who's around?
14:42 Telimektar   Michael Ughetto
14:42 *     marek Marek Mahut
14:42      marek   we will wait 5 minutes for others
14:42      marek   if anyone comes :)
14:42 Telimektar   ok
14:46      marek   anyone from Fedora Astronomy project except
Telimektar around?
14:47    sergiopr > [n=sergiopr at] joins #fedora-meeting
14:47      marek   ah sergiopr :)
14:47      marek   welcome
14:47   sergiopr   thanks
14:47      marek   let me introduce myself
14:48      marek   My name is Marek Mahut and I'm working as sysadmin in
one big software company. And I have plans to study astrophysics next year.
14:48      marek   I've founded Fedora astronomy SIG to increase
astronomy support in Fedora.
14:48      marek   I have a lot of projects in my head, but not much
time, for that I need your valuable help. :)
14:48      marek   Primary project should be Fedora Astronomy Live spin,
which should be Fedora 9 live cd ready to use for any astronomer.
14:48      marek   :)
14:48      marek   Telimektar: can you introduce yourself please?
14:49 Telimektar   Micha"el Ughetto, 20 years, France, Physics student,
french translator, actually learning packaging, interested in simulation
14:50      marek   ok thank you Telimektar
14:50      marek   sergiopr: can you introduce yourself please?
14:50   sergiopr   My name is Sergio Pascual, I work in the Astrophisics
Departament, Madrid University
14:51   sergiopr   I have a a Ph.D in Astrophysics and I'm interested in
tools por the profesional astronomer
14:52      marek   thank you :)
14:52   sergiopr   And I'm studying software engeniering
14:52   sergiopr   thats all
14:52      marek   anyone else interested in Fedora Astronomy SIG?
14:53      marek   ok, next topic
14:53 marek changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Astronomy
SIG -- Packages. Who can help?
14:53      marek   I need help of developers packaging software from our
wishlist https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/Astronomy/Packages/Proposed
14:53      marek   if you do, please cc fedora-astronomy-list on the
review request or let me know
14:54      marek   there are 48 packages waiting in proposed list
14:54      marek   I guess at least half of it is old and unmaintained,
so we need to clean up the list
14:55      marek   sergiopr, Telimektar how many packages could you take
from that list?
14:55      marek   it's also ok to only make package and I will take
full responsiblity of maintaining it
14:55 Telimektar   i'm actually learning packaging and i'm awaiting for
14:55      marek   just like did lkundrak (thanks to him)
14:56   sergiopr   I don't have so much time ATM, but I'm working on an
ESO-MIDAS package
14:56      marek   Telimektar: oh nice, this is great occasion for you
-- you can make packages that you can show to your sponsor after
14:56      marek   Telimektar: I suggests you do to about 5 packages and
about 5 review request and ask someone to sponsor you, if you will have
hard to find someone let me know
14:57      marek   sergiopr: ok, good -- can I add your named with
14:57      marek   sergiopr: you already did ds9, which is very
respectful =)
14:57   sergiopr   It was a lot of work :)
14:58      marek   I saw the rpm, very good work!
14:58   sergiopr   I'm adding my name to eso midas in the package list
14:58      marek   sergiopr: ok thank you
14:58 Telimektar   If there's easy to package software, please tell me
14:58      marek   Telimektar: check the list, I'm sure that there's
something easy to do
14:59      marek   Telimektar: but your sponsor will be looking at more
difficult packages, to be sure you know how to package in right way :)
15:00      marek   ok, if no other on-topic issues, let's move
15:00 marek changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Astronomy
SIG -- Should we use a specific artwork for the spin? Or only a wallpaper?
15:00      marek   this is an interesting topic
15:01      marek   later, I would like to ask our great art team to
create a wallpaper for us along with a icon
15:01      marek   as I would have a menu called "Astronomy" in the spin
15:01 Telimektar   It's necessary I think
15:01      marek   and also a little logo :)
15:02      marek   Telimektar: I think too, it's a good marketing ;)
15:02 Telimektar   to help people to see what's specific to this spin
15:02 Telimektar   As wallpaper, i have noticed the work make on this
page but was refused for F8
15:03      marek   I was thinking about a photo of nebula or so
15:03 Telimektar   http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F8theme-moon
15:03      marek   Telimektar: yes, this is nice, but it's only a scratch
15:03      marek   do we have a wallpaper of that?
15:03          G_ > [n=njones at wikipedia/NigelJ] joins #fedora-meeting
15:04   sergiopr   very nice artwork
15:04 Telimektar   it's only a mockup but i'm sur that the former
designer will be happy to work on it
15:04      marek   we will ask art team if they can include our
wallpaper by default in Fedora 9
15:04 Telimektar   ok
15:04      marek   so we don't have to make separate package for that
15:04      marek   Telimektar: ok, I will contact the designer to ask if
he can send us the wallpaper
15:04 Telimektar   so what's the work to be done on that point ?
15:05      marek   I think it can wait months or two
15:05      marek   the work is to,
15:05      marek   1) mail art team and kindly asking for an icon and a logo
15:06      marek   2) ask former designer if he likes to send us the
wallpaper, if so let's ask art team to include the wallpaper in Fedora 9
15:06 Telimektar   ok
15:06 Telimektar   who can take it in charge ?
15:07      marek   I can take care of it
15:07 Telimektar   ok
15:07      marek   I will mail the designer of that theme today
15:07      marek   but I'll wait some time to contact art team
15:07      marek   ok, next topic?
15:08 Telimektar   y
15:08 marek changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Astronomy
SIG -- Scheduling the spin building.
15:08      marek   my plan is:
15:09      marek   1) package as much as good software possible
15:09      marek   2) package astronomy-menu -- something like
games-menu that will regroup all our applications under nice "Astronomy"
15:09      marek   it's a simple xml file
15:09      marek   3) package astronomy-bookmarks --
15:10      marek   - we won't package art work, as the plan is to
include it Fedora 9 default artwork package
15:10      marek   4) request project on fedorahosted.org, cvs using trac
15:11      marek   there we can star working on the kickstart file that
will become our live cd
15:11 Telimektar   Is there any date to perform those steps ?
15:11        f13   fedorahosted doesn't support cvs
15:11      marek   f13: svn then =)
15:12        f13   if you have to...
15:12      marek   (I'm sure Jesse loves GIT) ;)
15:12      marek   Telimektar: no not yet, I think the hard work is the
point 1)
15:12      marek   other can be done in few days
15:13 Telimektar   ok
15:13      marek   I would like to have everything ready by first of april
15:13      marek   _and_ I will be working to have this spin for Fedora
10 too
15:13      marek   there are a lot of things to improve
15:13      marek   CCD support, telescope communication support
15:14 Telimektar   upstream work would be welcome for moste of these
software I think
15:14      marek   Telimektar: exactly
15:14      marek   and, I was in touch with scope vendor bresser, there
is a possibility they include our Live CD with their scope for free
15:14      marek   if everything's ok
15:15 Telimektar   good job marek
15:15      marek   but I plan this for Fedora 10, it will be too early
for Fedora 9
15:15      marek   also, webcam support!
15:15      marek   I had in mind system-config-webcam :)
15:15   sergiopr   cool
15:16 Telimektar   lot of work in perspective
15:16      marek   I'm pretty sure we will find other people to help us
15:16      marek   for example sergio's students =) he can give it as
homework for them ;)
15:16      marek   (kidding)
15:17   sergiopr   I'm afraid I don't have students :(
15:17      marek   sergiopr: ok, so colleagues ;)
15:17   sergiopr   Bur perhaps I can cheat my collegues' students :)
15:17      marek   ok I feel like we are reaching the free discussion :)
15:18 marek changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Astronomy
SIG -- Free discussion, mindstorming
15:18      marek   sergiopr: good idea ;)
15:18      marek   next year I'm starting my studies of astrophysics at
scientific university in Brno (sci.muni.cz)
15:18      marek   so I could push something too
15:18   sergiopr   marek, very good, I told it's never too late
15:18 Telimektar   question : the spin will use kde or gnome ?
15:19      marek   sergiopr: I took your word ;)
15:19      marek   Telimektar: gnome I think, it's the easier way
15:19      marek   I have no experiance with KDE
15:20   sergiopr   How many GUI applications have we got?
15:20      marek   https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/Astronomy/Packages
15:20      marek   for the moment I see only one console based
15:20      marek   others (about 14?) are GUI
15:21   sergiopr   And what widget library are they using? ds9, for
example, is tcl, so I doesn't matter if the spin is gnome or kde-based
15:22 Telimektar   i'm afraid of the use of too muche libs
15:22 Telimektar   the RAM won't like ti
15:22 Telimektar   it*
15:22      marek   yes
15:22      marek   I'm gnome user and I think for standard tasks it's ok
15:23      marek   Telimektar, sergiopr do you prefere KDE?
15:23   sergiopr   marek, I prefer gnome
15:23 Telimektar   I'm a kde user but I do not care, I think we should
choose performance
15:24 Telimektar   and that a light environment like xfce can also be a
good choice
15:25      marek   I tried the Fedora live cd and gnome has been pretty
fast on usb stick/1Ghz/256M ram
15:25 Telimektar   personnaly it's the loading of skymap that's i'm
afraid from
15:26      marek   from my point of view, we should concentrate more on
packages first and discuss this later
15:26      marek   Telimektar: ok, we can do some test when everything
is ready
15:26 Telimektar   of course
15:26      marek   and after choose the desktop env.
15:28      marek   ok, so tasks:
15:28      marek   marek -- find out more about that wallpaper from
former author and contact ART team + standard packaging
15:29      marek   Telimektar -- try to make few packages, so that you
can get cvsextras,
15:30      marek   sergiopr -- if some free time, try to finish ESO-MIDAS
15:30      marek   everybody -- collect some cool links for
15:30   sergiopr   I'm adding a few things right now
15:31      marek   everybody -- packages! packages! packages! :) not
only creating but also, try to find some other neat software that would
be nice to have in Fedora
15:31 Telimektar   ok
15:31   sergiopr   ok
15:31      marek   anything else you would like to discuss?
15:32 Telimektar   has the fesco decided if spins are a feature ?
15:32      marek   Telimektar: last time I've checked no
15:32 Telimektar   ok
15:33      marek   but I prefere to keep it as project, as future
developement is pretty sure
15:33      marek   so we can go on with Fedora 10, 11, 12 ... 46... :)
15:33 Telimektar   and on and on
15:33      marek   =)
15:34 Telimektar   also can we use the #fedora-astronomy to discuss
(when not in meeting )
15:34      marek   actually, I'm on ##astronomy channel
15:34      marek   there are nice people there :)
15:35 Telimektar   it's ok for me
15:35   sergiopr   And for me also
15:35      marek   ok good
15:36      marek   so next meeting is fixed on Friday, January 11, 2008
at 14:00:00 UTC time
15:36      marek   is it ok too?
15:36 Telimektar   ok too
15:36   sergiopr   Ok too
15:37      marek   ok, thank you guys for coming and have a nice day!
15:37 Telimektar   you too :)
15:37   sergiopr   And a happy new year! :)
15:37      marek   ;)
15:38 Telimektar   with ful of free software
15:38 marek changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Channel is used by
various Fedora groups and committees for their regular meetings Note
that meetings often get logged | For questions about using Fedora please
ask in #fedora | see
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