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Known mock/yum problem?

Came across an oddity today and I'm not sure if it's mock or yum that's the problem.

I'm running with these updates from updates-testing (on an FC7 host):

My rawhide mock config points to a single baseurl for the fedora repo, and goes through a local squid proxy. I'm also using autocache.

From time to time packages cannot be retrieved over the network, perhaps due to the mirror being in mid-sync, or maybe transient network issues.

Sometimes this results in one or more (but not all) packages not being available to populate a buildroot when running mock. When this happens, mock is not terminating the build during the setup phase, and allows it to continue to the build phase. I noticed this problem because it often results in a failed build due to to some important missing buildreq.

More worrying though is the possibility that a missing buildreq package may be needed only to enhance the functionality of the package being built. In such cases the overall build may succeed but produce a package with reduced functionality, and be different from the same package rebuilt by someone else on their own system.

So is this yum not returning a proper exit code, or mock ignoring it? I'm not sure.

Is this a known issue? I couldn't see anything that looked like this in bugzilla.


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