Cockroach task

Mike McLean mikem at
Mon Dec 1 18:13:40 UTC 2008

Bryce wrote:
> (refers to koji-1.2.6-1)
> -scratch head-
> Koji seems to have derailed itself and created an unkillable task
> Although it has built the rpms, it then seems to have done something odd
> to itself because it's entered a failed state but the koji system still
> believes that it is still building the package
> State    failed
> ...
> Result     RetryError: unable to retry call 7 (method
> host.importChangelog) for session 18591
> I've tried koji cancel, and a few of the less savory koji call api
> commands but it refuses to accept that the task is dead
> Ideas?
> I assume that for some reason it's been unable to communicate with the
> postgres database but I don't see a means to tell it to retry or just
> plain abandon the whole task

FAILED is a terminal state for tasks. You can't kill a failed task 
because the task is already over -- it failed.

I assume you are confused because a build associated to the task is 
still in the BUILDING state. Try canceling the build (by nvr) instead of 
the task id.

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