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controlling the highlighted/focused language or KB_layout

the file that creates the language dialog is iw/language_gui.py

for locale in self.instLang.available():
            iter = self.listStore.append()

later it highlight one language by default

current = self.instLang.getLangNameByNick(self.instLang.getCurrent())
        iter = self.listStore.get_iter_first()
        while iter:
            if self.listStore.get_value(iter, 1) == current:

I used pungi and in the .ks file I set the language to ar_JO.UTF-8 but the
highlighted language is still English

and in /usr/share/system-config-keyboard/keyboard_gui.py

if self.modelStore.get_value(iter, 0) == default

it did not obey the .ks 

how can I fix this ?
while reading anaconda code I noticed that it receives --lang who pass it
to anaconda ?
it seems that anaconda do not have those values hardcoded to English, so
where and how this is configurable ?

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