crossbuilding rpms with koji

Mark Salter msalter at
Tue Jul 7 22:03:10 UTC 2009

I have been doing some experimenting with crossbuilds of rpms using
koji. I realize that fedora policy requires supported arches to be
native built, but my focus is towards infrastructure to crossbuild
rpms for embedded systems where the fedora distribution is not well
suited. So as a first stab at this, I started working with the F-10
release packages with an armv5tel target. The reason for this was
that the ongoing work with fedora arm secondary arch allowed me to
focus on the crossbuild infrastructure without having to spend a lot
of time working on arch-specific patches in the packages themselves.

Anyway, I ended up crossbuilding around 400 F-10 packages. Enough to
build up a rootfs which boots to a familiar looking gnome desktop on
an omap-based beagleboard. Of those 400 packages, about 20% needed
some amount of patching to support crossbuilding. Most were simple
things like specfile tweaks (i.e. "s/gcc/%{__cc}/") or simple makefile
patches to get around hard-coded tool names. And a handful needed more
complicated patches (almost entirely autoconf/automake related).

Now that I've gotten to this point, I'd like to solicit some comments
on the approach taken and get some guidance on how to beat the kludgey
first cut into shape so that it can be acceptable upstream. The
infrastructure side consists of:

   * A yum plugin which allows yum to install non-native rpms
     into the build roots.

   * A mock plugin to handle the crossbuilding details.

   * A koji patch to support the crossbuild extensions to mock

   * A cross-toolchain package

   * A cross-rpm-config package which provides configuration
     for rpm in the mock chroot and configuration details for
     the mock plugin.

The koji build machines need the first three things. The kojihub only
needs the patched koji. Native builds are not affected by any of the
above. There are no changes to the koji db schema. Tweaking the schema
may make some things cleaner, but I don't have a lot of db experience
and I left it alone for the first cut at this. There is nothing special
in the koji server/builder setup except that the patch adds an option to
the kojid.conf which is used to indicate that a host can crossbuild for
some target(s). This is something that should probably be done in the

The mock config file is used to distinguish native build from cross
builds. Mock commands work the same for crossbuilding as for native.
For crossbuilding, the "chroot_setup_cmd" needs to install the
cross toolchain and cross-rpm-config packages in addition to the
usual 'build' group. The koji patch adds a 'build-cross-<arch>' group
to the mock config to accomplish this. The cross toolchain uses a
sysroot to provide standard headers and libraries for the crossbuild.
Basically, there is the normal mock chroot populated just as it would
be for native builds. The mock cross plugin supports a second 'root'
which serves as the toolchain sysroot. That is, if we crossbuild
package 'foo' which 'BuildRequires: a b c', the normal mock code 
depsolves for 'a', 'b', and 'c' using a native-arch repo and installs
those in the mock chroot. The mock cross plugin will also depsolve for
'a', 'b', and 'c', except using a target-arch repo and install them
into the toolchain sysroot. The cross plugin also sets up a .rpmmacros
and .rpmrc file in the mock build homedir which overrides rpmbuild
macros such as "%{__cc}" to reference the cross-toolchain.

That's the overview, but its really more complicated than that. For
instance, if a package buildrequires texinfo to make docs, we really
don't want to waste time/space putting texinfo into the toolchain
sysroot because the native one is the one we want. The cross-rpm-config
package has configuration that tells mock not to bother with that
package for the target sysroot. These are the sorts of devils in the
details of crossbuilding rpms.

If anyone is interested and would like to take a look at the code and
comment, I placed source rpms at:

For convenience, here is the koji patch:

And the yum plugin:

And the mock plugin:

and just for fun, a pic of F-10 running on a beagleboard:


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