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Re: small system-config-soundcard patch

Bastien Nocera wrote:


Attached is a small patch to system-config-soundcard. Here are some
- replace deprecated function calls
- use a close button, instead of OK (I think the tool is instant-apply,
- list USB audio devices as well (I have a USB speaker system at

There are still a bunch of issues though:
- The playback code uses OSS (or OSS compatibility) even when on a 2.6
kernel, which won't work in a multi-soundcard setup
- The "primary audio device" drop-down doesn't seem to do anything. It
should probably:
- on 2.4 kernels, link /dev/dsp to /dev/dspX (where X is the "number" of
the soundcard, unlike what it's doing now, ie. have /dev/dsp0 be a link
to /dev/dsp)
- on 2.6 kernels, write a /etc/asoundrc

We should probably allow system-config-soundcard to be run as a normal
user on 2.6, for a ~/.asoundrc to be written.

An example screenshot:
which doesn't look so good because of:


Another cosmetic touchup that could help users know their sound card has been correctly configured, is regarding the sound test. Since ALSA has become default in distros with 2.6.x kernels, it seems like the ALSA quirk of having all audio levels mutted by default has not been entirely solved. This week I did three FC3 installations with different cards (all supported as of ALSA 1.0.6). After having the system up if I ran the tool, the settings were reset (of course) and as such the sound test would not sound because the audio levels were mutted, until I ran alsamixer/kmix/gnome volume control and set the volume values, I could actually hear the sound sample (I was curious as what was it this time). I don't know how could this be overcome, if not from the ALSA guys themselves to force the drivers to at least have Master and PCM channels unmutted and set to a reasonable volume level by default for all drivers instead of having all level mutted... Just a thought, though.

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