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Firewall Tool -- Call for Help

I've still been working on the firewall config tool, and think I've got a pretty stable foundation put together. I've got a much better designed module system worked out, a sample module (setup connection sharing), and am working on the module that allows direct manipulation of FW rules.

The catch is, there's a key component that's really got me stumped. I haven't figured out yet a design for a main graphical user interface to tie all the pieces together. It needs to be a sort of central module launcher interface, or something like that.

I'm not looking for an interface that just does the job. I could do that. I would like to see something nice. Something professional-looking. Something my grandma could use without reading the directions.

Now, I already have an interface that just has a menu, toolbar, and a few gray buttons in the middle. It's not very spectacular (or even pretty), but it's pretty much what you'd expect a programmer to put together. I'm hoping someone can help put together something better.

All I need is the GUI. All the backend stuff is already done. Here's what the interface has to do.

It has to be pygtk, of course. It has to have some method (menu item, toolbar button, etc.) to allow the user to:

* Load active firewall
* Load default firewall (from /etc/sysconfig/iptables)
* Load firewall from... (file open dialog)
* Activate firewall
* Save default firewall (to /etc/sysconfig/iptables)
* Save firewall to... (file save dialog)
* Verify firewall rules for accuracy

Don't bother writing the code to actually *do* all that stuff. I already have it. Just the interface.

Of course, that stuff is the easy part. The hard part is, it has to have some method of running any number of existing "actions". Those actions would include something like:

* Set up internet connection sharing
* Secure my computer
* Allow inbound connections

And whatever other modules people want to write. Come to think of it, I doubt there would be more than a handful of these module. Still, an interface that could be extended without much effort would be nice.

There should also be a button or something to "edit firewall rules" that should be set apart from the others.

Like I said, I want something that's easy for dumb people to use. That means all-text is not the way to go. Something like buttons with large icons is probably the best way to go. A lot like you'd see on a toolbar, I think.

If anyone has ideas, I'd be glad to hear it.

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